There are hundreds of different virtual proctoring platform providers for institutions to choose from. With all of the options available, knowing which platform is the best system for your school, students, and faculty members can be challenging. Regardless of which one you choose, your remote proctoring platforms should always provide you with these 4 things. Check out this video below to learn the 4 things your remote proctoring platform should provide you with, or keep scrolling to read our blog for more information.

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The Top 4 Things Your Remote Proctoring Platform Should Provide Your Institution With

1. Control

One of the top 4 things remote proctoring platforms should provide your institution with is control. As each exam is unique and yields to different levels of deterrent, remote proctoring platforms should allow you to choose which proctoring levels students can be proctored at for each exam throughout the semester. Along with that, institutions should be allowed to utilize their own proctoring resources to enhance the level of deterrence.

Your proctoring platform should also allow you to optimize different computer and/or browser lockdown technology during exams. This helps to ensure academic integrity throughout the exam.

2. Lower Costs

The second thing that your remote proctoring platform should provide your institution with is lower costs. Remote proctoring can be expensive both for the institutions and the students using the platform. Overall, this financial expense could cause stress, anxiety, limitations, and discrimination to certain parties involved.

However, remote proctoring platforms should be accessible to everyone and should aim to establish live online proctoring at automated proctoring costs. Lowering the costs for both institutions and students can be done when the proctoring platform reduces the need for high-priced third party virtual proctors.

Everything Your Institution Needs in a Remote Proctoring Platform

3. Convenience

Your remote proctoring platform should also provide your institution with greater overall convenience for everyone involved. Often, platforms can provide convenience by offering 24/7/365 support to students and faculty, provide capabilities to monitor and assist multiple students in real-time at one time instead of reviewing recordings, and allowing your students to schedule and take their exams when it works best for them. 

4. Reduced Concerns

Finally, your remote proctoring platform should provide both your institution and your students with reduced concerns. Here are a few ways that should be done:

  • Your remote proctoring platform should provide safety and security to your student by never monitoring the device beyond a student’s exam session. 
  • Your remote proctoring platform should never share or sell students’ information with third-party vendors.
  • Your remote proctoring platform should enable your institution to establish trust and preserve testing integrity by utilizing proctoring staff from your own proctoring staff affiliated with the institution or through the use of institutional proctors. 
  • Your remote proctoring platform could reduce legal concerns by providing options of multiple proctoring modalities instead of forcing all students to test by one modality.

Proctoring is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Control, lower costs, convenience, and reduced concerns are 4 of the top things your remote proctoring platform should be providing your institution with. Does your platform offer these benefits to you? 

With SmarterServices’ Hybrid Virtual Proctoring, your institution will receive greater control and flexibility over how your online proctoring services function through these 4 benefits. Overall, Hybrid Virtual Proctoring has been designed to allow institutions to take control of all aspects of how their students are proctored online. 

Hybrid Virtual Proctoring Fact Sheet

Many students have concerns about interacting with proctors that are not affiliated with their institution. For this reason, Hybrid Virtual takes a student-focused, institution-first approach. Institutions can easily craft their own online proctoring model by utilizing their internal testing staff, supplementing with trusted partners, and falling back to automated proctoring when required. This level of flexibility ultimately lowers proctoring costs, reduces privacy concerns, and increases convenience.

To learn more about Hybrid Virtual Proctoring and how it can offer your institution and your students control, lower costs, convenience, and reduced concerns, visit our website.