All relationships have their ups and downs, yes? Well, welcome to our blog series, "Education and Technology - Relationship Status." In this series, we will be taking a look at the relationship between education and technology, how they are getting along, and how they "relate" to each other.

Here are the blogs that this series will cover:

  1. The Impact of Technology on Faculty Teaching
  2. The Impact of Technology on Mentor Teaching
  3. The Impact of Technology on Student Learning
  4. The Impact of Technology on Professional Learning
  5. The Generation Gap Between Education and Technology for Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen. Alpha

As a company inside the higher education space, our team is made up of committed lifelong learners. So, where do we get our information, education, and knowledge? How do we learn?

We are all indebted to those who have gone before us, documenting history, educating us about the world, and those innovators that continue to challenge our traditional ways of thinking. But learning is a journey, not a destination. So...where to next?

At the risk of exposing my age, I remember the days when Encyclopedia Britannicas were my first go-to for research papers. I'm talking about the HARD books! I can still see those green and cream books on the book shelf in my dad's office. Prior to that era, students often relied heavily on the spoken words of stories passed down. In some cases, events had not even been recorded yet in published books.

Fast forward to the present, in the information age, AKA the "digital age," when the challenge is no longer limited access or amount of available information. Rather, wading through massive amounts and determining the accuracy of it.

Apple on books

When you want to learn something, where do you go? A library? An older person? Looking through a book? Maybe. I would bet more than likely you reach for a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

We learn with technology. Therefore, if you want to teach someone something, you should be prepared to do so through technology. As far as I can tell there will always be "me firsts," "wait and seers," and "nay-sayers" when it comes to learning new ways of doing things. That's ok. Just know that early adopters are usually the first ones picked on the kickball team. Those lukewarm to change, usually have to take whatever position they are given (have fun in the outfield running after those balls). While the naysayers never get to enjoy the game because most often they take their ball and go home.

So... what will you learn today? How will you learn it? From whom will you learn?

A new school year is full of possibilities whether it be bright eyes filled with wonder in kindergarten or the first day of class for a college senior just a few months away from entering their career. However, we should never limit education to a formal classroom. Instead, commit yourself this day to be a lifelong learner and wake up smarter tomorrow than you were today.

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